Level 1 and 2

At level 1 or 2, we still take every precaution to protect people from transmission risk by: sanitizing, distancing and making sure the environment is safe for people to be in. We check that anyone we or our clients will come into contact with are healthy and notify us of any symptoms.

We are otherwise back to our usual service.

Level 3

Vacant properties:

If your property is currently vacant it will be prioritised for rent.

Once rented (and strict guidelines for viewings/showings are adhered to – see below), tenants are allowed to move to their new home and moving companies will be able to help with the move.

We may approach you for permission to engage a cleaner between tenancies just to be sure.

Routine Inspections:

Under Level 3, we are still not able to visit properties to complete inspections.

At Housemart, we have introduced a “self-inspection” by your tenants where we ask them to take photos of your property and forward to us to produce a report at the usual time on our 3-monthly schedule.

We talk your tenants through this process and record all results along with any maintenance requirements.

We have taken advice and our understanding is that if we have a valid reason we can’t visit the property, and have made a good attempt to put an alternative process in place, your property insurance should still be valid.

Please ask your Insurance Company about this process and confirm that this will be sufficient to validate your insurance.


Maintenance in properties can only occur in emergencies or with tenant approval. This is not too different to Level 4, in that urgent maintenance might necessitate plumbers, electricians and tradespeople attending the property.

Our Housemart policy is to minimise any non-urgent maintenance during Level 3, with the exception of completing annual chimney cleaning for safety.

Tradespeople also need to have their own protocols for physical distancing, contact tracing and complying with pre-qualifying the occupants of the property they are attending. We are working closely with tradespeople to ensure they and our tenants are kept safe as much as possible.

Viewings/Showing Property for Rent:

Open homes where multiple people view the property is not allowed during Level 3. If a tenant is living at the property, they must grant permission for the viewing. If permission is not granted, then no viewing can take place. If permission is granted, the tenant must not be at the property during the viewing.

We are limited to two viewings only per day per property. Where possible, one person will attend the viewing with the property manager but a maximum of two people from the same bubble can attend.

We have our own protection procedures including ensuring that the prospective tenants do not touch anything at the property. We have our own cleaning products to wipe down any surfaces that may have been touched or door handles etc. Prospective tenants are also being advised to wait in their car before their viewing and observe physical distancing at all times (2 meters). Only one property manager can attend a viewing.

Our private viewings are being kept as brief as is possible.

We are pre-qualifying whether it is safe to conduct the viewing with symptom checking both with tenants and with prospective tenants. A record of every person that we are in contact with – their name, telephone number, current contact address and email address is being collected for contact tracing purposes.